Content Management

as always and for the interest of advanced hosting customers have the convenience of hosting the opening of a new section developed a special content management forums and programs at the hands of a professor (men and women) are specialists in all areas of literary and religious, cultural and developmental programs.
Mission: Management Forum as an observer or magazine administratively put in topics and posts to activate the Forum in addition to working as an entrepreneur to take the site and requests the members and address the work or technical support for its work.
Obligations of Content Management Officer:
1 - always for a period of eight hours for six days a week.
2 - open a special section for technical support gives users the ability to type their requirements and feedback.
3 - Contact technical support in the name of the owner of the site by the implementation of the tickets for the needs of the Forum and solve problems that occur or any development or management deems Member Forum.
4 - Write the number of topics as a minimum - to - five topics per day maximum.
5 - to write the 30 post minimum number of 40 posts and an upper limit only if required to increase threads or posts by the site's activity.
6 - must be new content topics and is copied from other forums.
7 - Should the employee not to repeat the formula one in the responses and to respond based on the content topic.
8 - Data Entry Officer to send a daily report that contains a link to the threads and posts has added in each forum are referenced to the report in time of need.
9 - The employee magazines regarding the work of data entry and the editor presents all that is asked of it by up to email and the site is an attractive format, coordinated.

Contract terms with customers:
1 - not ask to speak with the employee entrance of data through mobile or Almsingerao Private Messages and have all applications and dealing through the technical support department that is being created in the Forum from the beginning of the contract.
2 - any note or complaint mail is sent to the Director of Department of input data: or contact our office on 920003534 from eight o'clock am to eleven o'clock at night seven days a week except on Friday afternoon from one o'clock until eleven at night.
3 - Data Entry salary of an employee six hundred and fifty riyals (650 riyals / day) will be paid the salary of three months in advance (1950 SR). If the client's desire not to continue, he duration of the notice of Director of the department a month.
4 - beginning of the month subscription on 25 AD.
5 - If the client's desire to continue he must pay the salary of three months before the new month from the end of the previous period and the notice is deemed not to continue.
Usefulness of this idea:
6 - for site owners, whether newspapers or magazines or institutions will be the employee entrance of the data are fully aware of editing and arranging the site properly and pay at the same time feel any changes you get either error code or attempt to penetrate, God forbid, will follow also tickets and any notices received from hosting the advanced delivery to his site.
7 on the owners of Forums will employee to pursue topics that arise from members of the Forum over the eight hours a day and delete any breach of writing, God forbid, will be informed what is happening, which makes the forum reassuring that the site is managed in an orderly fashion instead of Aelovesat not long at all. In addition to that he would look into all the tickets and follow up with the technical support staff requirements of the Forum. The movement of the Forum and its activities will help to spread more and more.

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