Many of us wants to be the location of the best international locations, and many of us want to show web pages as the first results on the search engines

But many of us do not know how is the correct way to do that

Archiving is a complex and tiring and a renewed need for many follow-up at the same time cost is very high

In the interests of the advanced hosting client sites, the company has to provide this service for a nominal fee compared to other companies

Compared to the effort in this process

The company provides this service represented by: -

- Add your site to site maps

o The site of the most important sites for Balerhfah global and that puts your site from sites within the initial

And is developing links in your Google workers within one hour only.

- Add your site to account for the Google sites.

o This allows you to index your website and its divisions heavily in Google.

- Examination of Style your board from harmful codes that you stop the archiving process.

o There are some codes that are considered harmful to the search engine site and then stop archiving site.

- Modify the settings to suit your board with the search engines.

- Translated the rss site.

- Register the site in months, the global search engines

- Add your site in the Alexa

- Add Tags sound that works to ease the search engines to your site.

- Activate the archive board.

- Activating the spiders forum

- A map to your site map

And many different ways that facilitate you to publish your site and keep him in the best international locations.

You can compare the results for yourself during the period of service

Outstanding service + symbolic price + quick results and guaranteed hosting = Advanced host

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