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Program Office of the poet

Special program has been specially programmed to comply with the requirements of poets it has many features which are usually needed

Poet to be in its location of these features


Office of the poems text:

The poet can add sections within the Court and add any number of poems text inside

Video Library:

You can add sections and lift files from your computer or add a video from YouTube or add Ambd On

Than any other site like YouTube

Audio library:

You can also add sections and raise the audio files from your computer

Static pages:

You can add static pages under any name appear on the home page of the site in the list horizontal

Web Links:

You can start a friendly sites in the Block in the main interface of the program


You can add news sections on the site appear in the horizontal menu at the site under the news and the word can be added

News in these sections


You can start a block on the home page or its content written by the classification of news

Photo Gallery:

You can add sections for albums and add pictures inside


Cards can also add on the site

Other Option:

Visitors can register their mail in a mailing list and website owner can Larsa message to the collective

All mailing list

Visitors can also add comments on the site and controlled from the Control Panel and visitors can add comments to any part of the site such as news or pictures and poems and audio ......



Court determined the default rate seven hundred and fifty riyals (750 riyals)

and with the special design the price is one thousand five hundred riyals (SR 1500)

You can watch the program on the following link

Watch the program

Demo Control Panel


username: demo

password: demo