Real Estate Program

Real estate marketing

Offers and requests for investment properties

Real estate marketing program:

Marketing program for real estate can add exhibits and requests for properties with the addition of details and method of contact and Features

1 - General Settings for the site
Enables full control of the P Site Settings
Alafattahah words of the site your search engine mm facilitates archiving location and appearance in the first search results
Open and close the site for visitors and users with Cesp to stop giving the site for maintenance Awalthaddat
Mail to the site to receive visitors by

2 - Articles
Articles at the site divided into sections to facilitate the classification of articles within the site and can create an infinite number of sections making it easy for the visitor to search and access issues to be read
1 - Articles sections
It consists of the title section
About the section to clarify the contents of the section of the topics
2 - Articles
It consists of the following
Title of the article
About the article of the decision-definition of what the article contains information from
The article includes the general content on the subject
Amkannbh article coordination through the use of the texts Mahhr within the site to show your content as desired Palmqal

3 - News
Divided into sections to facilitate access to the news site for the convenience of site visitors if you want news villages belonging to a specific topic of Akart, etc.
1 - News sections
It consists of the title section
About the Section
2 - News
It consists of the title of the news
About the news and profiles containing news added to the definition of Readers to the content of the topic
It contains details
The possibility to coordinate all of the profiles and news content as you want by using the editor of the texts

4 - Real Estate
Enables you to add sections of the Property to facilitate the display and the real estate section consists of the following
Section Title
Content section to give About the general content of the Section
Real estate
Property Type or supply the required
Type of Request (required or offered)
State before the real estate
Content by the City Real Estate
Property Address
Price of the property
Detailed description of the property in terms of the type and number of rooms and Hammamet and space and so on
Contact information for exhibitors of the property
The possibility to add pictures of the property from 1 to 6 photos of the property to allow the visitor see the property before you call
The possibility to add a video file of the property in case of a special video with the drug
Condition of the property in terms of activation or no activation

5 - our email newsletter
The possibility to participate in Alvaúmh papyrus at the site and add more than one mail him
The possibility of sending a message to the participants in a mass mailing Alvaúmh
Ability to search for mail in a mailing list
The possibility of Estrada Axel file for subscribers to the mailing list

6 - pages of the site
The possibility to add an infinite number of pages within the site
With full control in the design of the page where the font size and add photos to the page and display pages in the site

7 - System Announcements
You can add advertisements within the site control at the site within the site and add a link on the ads Added

8 - members and supervisors

The possibility to add a member and modify it and delete it with the control in the number of ads allowed to be added

Supervisors the possibility to add to the site to the new observer posts and activate or delete
The possibility to determine the validity of all within the site admin

9 - Business Directory
Guide for companies within the Mogah to add companies and information on the company name and address of the company and the company's mobile and Malot additional company

10 - Quick Link
The possibility to add links to other sites within the site

11 - Marketers
The possibility to add marketer or more of the site

12 - bouquets member
And the possibility to add the amendment to the packages for each member brought to the user package to be introduced to control the number of ads to be added

13 - Journal of Real Estate
The possibility of creating prepare Journal of News and topics related to real estate and offers and send mail to subscribers on the mailing list


Price for the software

Price of the software with default design thousand riyals (SR 1000)

and with the special design the price is two thousand riyals (2000 SR)



Link to control panel
User Name: demo
Password: demo