school program

All you need to state schools and private

Schools program

Is a program that has a lot of features that you need a school where the program contains many features that allow teachers, students and parents to communicate through the site and viewing the results and a lot of other features such as:


1 - General Settings for the site
Enables full control of the P Site Settings
Alafattahah words of the site your search engine mm facilitates archiving location and appearance in the first search results
Open and close the site for visitors and users with Cesp to stop giving the site for maintenance Awalthaddat
Mail to the site to receive the messages it Astellat Site Visitors - change your password on the control panel - Site Stats

2 - Search
Search feature for student
Find and Li is
Find a teacher

3 - Technical Support
The possibility of creating special sections to both the parent and the teacher and supervisors put forward the problems faced by each of them with the possibility of opening Tzl to solve the problem it faces is over

4 - school years
The possibility to add the current school year the school, modify, and delete and add new school year

5 - Classroom
The possibility of dividing the classroom school to classroom first and second ..... And so on

6 - grades
School is divided into stages with the possibility of scholarships add an infinite number of grades

7 - school classes
Add classes for school students

8 - school days
Add school days the school's

9 - Subjects
Adding the school subjects

10 - schedules of quotas
Set up a special table quotas per class to facilitate access to the quotas of each school the student is over it and the visitor

11 - Teachers
Includes teachers enrolled in school and her grades Responsible Laboratory

12 - School meals
To add the duty of the chapter of the school with the possibility of raising the profile of duty

13 - the absence of students
Add the absence of each student in the school

14 - plans for teachers
Study plan for each teacher can be added to all of the information of the Crown ordered the students and students

15 - Observations of behavior
Behavioral observations specific to each student

16 - Added a parent
The possibility of adding is gone and I add one or more in school to be able to login to the site and see all the data is gone

17 - Students
Add students to the site

18 - Employment
Add requests for employment at the site and display for visitors

19 - Site Supervisors
Supervisors add to the site and define the powers of each Musharraf to facilitate the management of the site

20 - Record graduates
Add school graduates with years of graduation pictures with the graduate

21 - Tests
Add Tables tests for students

22 - test results
Present the results of tests for students

23 - sections Site
The possibility of creating a text sections within the site

24 - News
The possibility to add news to the villages within the site New Site

25 - Articles
The possibility to add articles within the site

26 - Photo Gallery
Add an album or more of the school

27 - E-library
Add sections and topics containing references to books, for students to benefit from them

28 - audio library

29 - office video

30 - Guest Book

31 - our email newsletter

32 - POST requests

33 - Block Site
Possibility to create blocks within the site and control in place

34 - Mobile Messaging

Send messages to mobile and Li in the case of
1 - the absence of the student - 2 - sending a message to the Crown is certain -3 - sending a message to parents at the level of separation or grade or both parents in the school
* Settings Aladinm private messages mobile phone *
Add GetWay of messages
The number of messages sent and available
Opening and closing automatic messaging in the absence of students
Automatic text messages

Price for the software

with the default design two thousand riyals (2000 SR)

and with the special design the price  three thousand riyals (SR 3000)

To see the program

Link to Control Panel
username: demo
password: demo