store for products and marketing

To view the products and marketing it

1 - General Settings for the site
Enables full control of the P Site Settings
Alafattahah words of the site your search engine mm facilitates archiving location and appearance in the first search results
Open and close the site for visitors and users with Cesp to stop giving the site for maintenance Awalthaddat
Mail to the site to receive the messages it Astellat Site Visitors

2 - Site News
The possibility of adding an infinite number of news in the site and controlled in terms of additions and deletions, modification, each composed of news title of news - Introduction to the news - news - Picture of the news

3 - Products Site
The possibility to add an infinite number of sections within the site of the products to facilitate the classification of products
Possibility of adding an infinite number of products and modify them, delete, and include the product on the following
Section of a product - Product Name - Price - Product Description - Product Image

4 - Photo Gallery
His pictures of the site to add an infinite number of images within the site

5 - static pages
The possibility to add an infinite number of pages within the site and on the following page contains
Address of the page - the page content

6 - Site Announcements
Possibility of adding image ads on the site and add links by internal or external

7 - the mailing list

Review the possibility of participating in a mailing list with the possibility of sending a message to subscribers on the mailing list


Store price

with the default
design rate five hundred Saudi riyals (SR 500)

and with the special design the price is one thousand riyals (SR 1000)


To see the program
Demo control panel
User Name: demo
Password: demo