ads Program

For multiple uses

ads Program :

Classified program, you can add Classifieds, and also registered members may add their ads and the advantages of the program


You can add sections to the sections of the ads such as cars or electrical appliances or functions.

Department of ads:

You can add Featured prove the main site and you can also limit the duration of advertising, with the possibility of activating the declarations of members from the control panel and add ads

Management Members:

You can control the members of the Control Panel and you can add members and control powers in their search for members, and members banned.

Group Management Members:

You can add groups of members and determine their powers, such as add and control over the advertisements and limit the duration of the end of the advertising and other features also

Static pages:

You can add the content of the pages appear in a fixed horizontal menu below the header

Management banners:

You can add Bnrat ad appear on the home page of the site


You can watch the program on the following link

Watch the program

Link to control panel

User Name: demo
Password: demo