Marriage program site

Marriage program site

1 - General Settings for the site
Enables full control of the P Site Settings
key words of the site your search engine facilitates archiving location and appearance in the first search results
Open and close the site for visitors and users with Cesp to stop giving the site for maintenance Awalthaddat
Mail to the site to receive the Site Visitors

2 - Members and requests for marriage
The possibility to add members and their packaging, or edit them from inside the control panel

3 - Search for members
The ability to search in specific member specifications and see the results of research and the possibility of correspondent members to each other through private messaging system.

4 - automatic search
The ability to search member automatically

5 - static pages
The possibility to add an infinite number of pages within the site and on the following page contains
Address of the page - the page content

6 - Site Announcements
Possibility of adding image ads on the site and add links by internal or external


To see the program
Demo control panel
User Name: demo
Password: demo