Design agreement

1 - Advanced Hosting is working to provide the design service at unbeatable prices and service characteristics set us apart from others in terms of accuracy in design and quality in the output of work.

2 - the right to request a client who wants to design it and the form and color that he wants provided that the design Mikhalv by Islamic law.

3 - After the agreement on the time and cost of the design the customer to pay (50%) of the value of design work, and pay the residual value after the completion of the design and acceptance.

4 - are starting work in the design after confirming the arrival of the amount on one of our bank accounts.

5 - The design view of the client body image (premiere), and after approval from the client is the work required of the cutting and the creation and distribution of motor and additions and flash.

6 - ending responsibility of hosting advanced design after receiving the client to design the installation of Oslo through us or through the client directly, and in case of an error in design Vtthmlh advanced hosting.

7 - Advanced Hosting is not required to pay any amounts of the reasons for the design of the diversion by the owner of the site or through its technical support. Does not assume any damage as a result of this neglect.

8 - not allowed to remove the rights of the design by the client is the legitimate right of the host countries.

Style Forum Design third generation five hundred Saudi riyals (SR 500) and fourth-generation eight hundred riyals (800 riyals) and design if it does not rise to Maiguetk shall be deemed canceled and paying for it according to the contract

For any questions, please email the sales department