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Institution hosting the advanced communication technology and information created on May 31, 2008, one of the organizations set Aldjaatn of Commerce and Industry
  The hosting of advanced leading institution in the world of Internet services
  And officially registered in the Ministry of Culture and Information, registration certificate number: T E / 6/1432
As well as registered in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, a trade record number 1010315957
  And registered in the Communications and Information Technology scope
And registered in the Chamber of Commerce membership number: 259548
  And aspire always to care provided through the provision of services are unique and regularly and the best
Methods and modern technologies in the online world. We offer most services related to Internet sites in terms of design quality and high accuracy
  , And programming languages ​​and using the most powerful means of code, and provide a strong host of internationally known companies such as soft to the Air and Liquid Web and Snql hop
So as to enable our customers to maintain their presence and to contribute to stability after the help of God Almighty,
  And also provide technical support for all our services to keep your client sites as appropriate.
Director of advanced hosting
D. M. Badr bin Mubarak Aldjaatn